Hotel Booking

Unique hotel reservation system , supports single hotel or  multiply hotels(hotel portal), extremely powerful engine, many new features.

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Hotel Booking engine  ios-reservation*

  • Installation on elxis cms platform.
  • Two working modes: Single hotel and Multiple hotels (tourism portal)
  • Automatic currency conversion from ECB for 34 currencies (much more currencies are supported)
  • Reviews system with negative and positive comments and also rating for the hotels. You may also fetch reviews from tripadvisor.
  • Hoteliers control panel for the component's front-end area. Hoteliers do not have to login in backend to manage their hotels and reservations.
  • Special permissions for hoteliers front-end access, number of maximum hotels they can add and expiration date for their account/subscription.
  • Confirm, reject, cancel, delete and move a reservation options for the hotelier.
  • Search and advanced search for rooms. Search results are grouped by hotel.
  • Hotel type (Hotel/Studio) and stars/keys rating system.
  • E-mail notifications in recipient's preferable language.
  • SMS notifications to hoteliers and hotel guests.
  • FAX notifications to hoteliers.
  • Multi-language interface, unlimited languages are supported (database data can be entered in up to 4 languages).
  • Automatic multilingual META data.
  • Search engines and human friendly URLs
  • Image gallery for each hotel
  • Image gallery for each destination. Option to load destination images from Flickr.
  • Unlimited add-on services for each hotel that can also be booked.
  • Booking history and reservation status for the hotel guests.
  • Reservation cancel. You can also set the number of days till the check-in date a guest is allowed to cancel a reservation.
  • Reservation surety fee can set as an absolute number or as a percentage of the total reservation cost.
  • Modular payment system. Unlimited payment methods are supported. Pay via paypal, moneybookers, rurobank, PayPal PRO, etc.
  • Option to set different prices for the weekends (absolute value or percentage).
  • Room availability calendar (standard and special availability).
  • Option to move a reservation in time.
  • Guests can book more than one room and service at the same time (with one reservation).
  • Interactive Google maps and standard (image) maps support for each hotel.
  • Hotel contact form. Full hotel contact details.
  • Contact any reservation customer directly from within IOS Reservations.
  • SSL switch. IOS Reservations can switch automatically to SSL/TLS mode on pages that privacy is important
  • Automatic thumbnails generation. Best quality without image distortion using resize and crop.
  • Translated into: English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Dutch. More languages might have been added by the time you read this article.
  • Unlimited locations/sub-locations support

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